Former Pit Bull Owner: 'I Bought the Propaganda Hook, Line and Sinker'

My Pit Bull Experience Delaware - On July 2, we received an email from Giancarla Churchman. She said that she was writing because she had been drawn to the website for sometime and that her story is one that "wouldn't have happened" had she heeded the information found on Churchman's story is one of great importance and involves adopting a pit bull into a home with three small children and a pet dog after "accidentally" getting caught up in the pro-pit bull movemen… [Read full blog post]

Break Sticks: A Tool Used to Pry Open a Pit Bull's Jaws - A break stick is a tool used to pry open a pit bull's jaws after the dog clamps down on an object, animal or human being. The device was traditionally used by dogfighters, and still is, yet leading pit bull education websites, such as Pit Bull Rescue Central, recommend that pit bull owners carry a break stick in case their dog "accidentally" gets into a fight. A pet that requires a break stick to loosen its jaws. This logic, combined with the fact that many policy make… [Read full blog post]

Some Educators Are Frank About Pit Bull Ownership Safety Issues - On the flip side of the ASPCA's Adopt-A-Bull contest, which at best appears reckless, is an organization that does not shy away from pit bulls and safety issues. Pit Bull Rescue Central -- one of the leading pit bull educational websites on the Internet -- is startlingly clear when it talks about the realities of pit bull ownership. Pit Bull Dog Aggression: It is a fact that our APBTs, ASTs and pit mixes come with a built-in fighting heritage. It doesn’t matter whe… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Ban FAQ by Lakewood Councilman Brian Powers

Councilman Addresses Ban Lakewood, OH - On May 19, councilman Brian Powers of the City of Lakewood proposed a pit bull ban. The current administration, including Mayor Edward FitzGerald, City Prosecutor Richard Neff, and animal control officers, are supportive of the legislation. Since the introduction of the proposed ordinance, a number of Lakewood residents have approached Powers with questions. Powers writes a brilliant summary of these questions, along with his… [Read full blog post]