Blogger Seeks Justice for Vanessa Carlton After Pit Bull Biting Incident

Justice for Vanessa Shohola, PA - Back in May, singer-songwriter and pianist Vanessa Carlton was jogging in rural Shohola when she was attacked by a loose pit bull. Carlton's story shows how pit bull advocates and No-Kill fanatics swarm to save dangerous pit bulls and the devious tactics they employ in the process. In the instance of Carlton, and with the help of Pocono Record writer Howard Frank, they successfully portrayed the biting pit bull, named Bella, and it's owner as… [Read full blog post]

Stop Creating New Pit Bulls So That We Can Stop Killing Them

PETA Letter After Fatal Mauling San Francisco, CA - After a pit bull killed 12-year old Nicholas Faibish in 2005, the president of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, wrote a letter to the local paper. It's a frank letter that spells out the sad truth. The pit bull is a "human concoction" designed to kill other animals. Diminishing the future breeding of pit bulls is the most logical and compassionate stance one can take. As Newkirk points out, the only way to stop killing pit bulls is to stop ma… [Read full blog post]