Man Erects Large Pit Bull Warning Sign After His Dog is Attacked

From left: Rock Ward, his warning sign, Trouble and it's owner, Collins Tully. A Brewing FeudTyler, TX - In what may turn into a long standing feud between neighbors, a man named Rock Ward recently erected a large wooden sign alerting residents to two nearby pit bulls. Ward created the sign after one of Collins Tully's1 two pit bulls, Trouble,2 attacked his own dog Wolfgang. Collins used a typical Maul Talk response after the incident saying, "dogs are dogs." (Pit bull owners o… [Read full blog post]

61-Year Old Texan, Pat Sorensen, Loses Half Her Face in Pit Bull Attack

Sorensen told reporters, "People have to see what these dogs are capable of." Graphic Side View UPDATE 03/19/09: On March 19, the Silsbee Bee newspaper reported on the horrific attack of Pat Sorensen. The newspaper depicted a new photo of Sorensen's injury (a close-up, side view). Since the February attack, she has undergone two major operations including a skin graft to reform the right side of her face, which doctors were unable to re-attach. The article also describes in… [Read full blog post]

Two Adult Texans Get Eye Ripped Out By Pit Bulls Over the Weekend

4 Weeks; No Anwers UPDATE 03/23/09: CBS 11 has pinpointed the cornerstone of the pit bull problem. Four weeks after victims Hellen Fuller and Clarence Webber were brutally attacked by two loose pit bulls, neither have any answers. Both, however, have a lot of pain, questions and medical bills. Neither victim has heard from the dog owner since the attack either. If the victims choose to file civil lawsuits, it may be years from now that they receive any form of medical payment. I… [Read full blog post]