Pit Bull in Recent Mauling Adopted from the Humane Society of Indianapolis

From left: James Bates and humane society Director John Aleshire on the defense. Complaint Filed UPDATE 06/10/10: On June 4, James Bates, his mother Queen Bates and Queen's niece Jada Carson filed a Complaint in the Marion County Superior Court against Shawn Middleton and the Humane Society of Indianapolis. On March 4, James Bates was seriously injured by Middleton's two aggressive pit bulls. The pit bull that led the attack had been adopted out to Middleton by the humane so… [Read full blog post]

Owner of Pit Bulls that Attacked Brenda Hill Sentenced to Two Years

From left: Lee Carroll, Brenda Hill, Greg Gilbert and Marion County prosecutor. Owner Gets Max Indianapolis, IN - Back in December, 68-year old Brenda Hill stepped onto her porch with a trash bag in her hand. Instead of reaching the nearby trashcan, she was blindsided by two pit bulls owned by her neighbor Lee Carroll. The dogs tore into her legs so violently that one was later partially amputated. On Tuesday, Brenda left the nursing home where she continues to undergo therapy… [Read full blog post]

Three Pit Bulls Attack, Severely Injure 30-Year Old Indianapolis Woman

From left: Councillor Mike Speedy, window escape route, seized pit bull, victim's home. Pit Bull Owner "Missing"Indianapolis, IN - Just hours after DogsBite.org released, "U.S. Police and Citizen Shootings of Pit Bulls 2008," two pit bulls were shot by Indianapolis police officers after a violent attack. Heather Paugh, 30, was walking to her mailbox when three pit bulls, who had jumped out of a nearby window, ambushed her. Authorities said that Paugh had a "severe chunk"… [Read full blog post]

Letter: Councillor Speedy Responds to Tabled At-Risk Dog Proposal

Councillor Presses On Indianapolis, IN - City officials recently "tabled" the At-Risk Dog proposal introduced by Councillor Mike Speedy. The action follows the Indianapolis Humane Society's opposition to the measure. The proposal, which would have required the sterilization of pit bulls, came in response to the brutal attack on Brenda Hill back in January, as well as to the city's growing pit bull population and pit bull bites. The IndyStar recently published Speedy's… [Read full blog post]