Steelers Linebacker James Harrison's Pit Bull Attacks His Son

The family pet: Patron, a 4-year old male pit bull. Unidentified New Owner UPDATE 05/30/09: It was reported today that after James Harrison's pit bull attacked three people in a continuous assault -- including his own wife and son -- and sent all three people to the hospital, Harrison is "rehoming" his pit bull instead of having it euthanized. The unidentified new owner that lives in an unidentified location reportedly "specializes in rehabilitating pit bulls." According… [Read full blog post]

Professional Athletes and Pit Bulls: Dogfighting, Abuse and Violent Attacks

The Athlete-Pit Bull Connection - A 2007 New York Times article written by Selena Roberts comments on the NFL's pet problem. The scene, she writes, has become the "puppy mill for pit-bull lore." It's hardly a leap to understand why football players closely identify with pit bulls, the ultimate canine warrior. Rhonda Evans, a University of Louisiana-Lafayette professor, is also quoted in the article: "[Pit bulls] fight to the death...Turning away is conside… [Read full blog post]