Pit Bull Advocate Rachael Ray Under Fire After Her Pet Pit Bull Attacks 'Again'

Fifth Animal Attack New York, NY - Daytime television host Rachael Ray, who is a pit bull owner and strong advocate of the breed1, is under fire by the media and bloggers2 after her pit bull, named Isaboo, attacked another dog in New York City, ripping off the dog's ear. Reports say that Isaboo has been involved in at least five violent attacks against other animals, this one being the latest. Ray paints herself as a dog lover, but clearly cares little for the safety of other dogs wh… [Read full blog post]

Letter: The NFL Must Sever Ties with 'Pit Bulls' Once and For All

Letter to Commissioner Goodell | PDF DogsBite.org - Prior to Michael Vick's reinstatement to the National Football League and in the wake of James Harrison's pet pit bull unleashing a violent attack on his 2-year old son and wife, DogsBite.org sent a letter to Commissioner Goodell1. We asked in our July 23 letter that the NFL take a stand against the ownership of pit bulls by its players or risk this prized All-American sport going to the "pits." We also asked that Vick address t… [Read full blog post]

James Harrison's Pit Bull 'Patron' is Up for Adoption Under New Breed Name

The family pet: Patron, a 4-year old male pit bull. Breed Mislabeling Pittsburgh, PA - The Post-Gazette published a "glowing" article about James Harrison's pit bull named Patron. Last month, the dog attacked Harrison's 2-year old son, his wife and another woman sending all three to the hospital. After the multiple assaults, Harrison chose to "rehome" the dog instead of euthanizing it. As DogsBite.org stated back then, the dog would likely be renamed and show up in a new com… [Read full blog post]

Sports Columnist Michael Felger Blasts Pit Bull Owners and 'Nutty Dog Crowd'

Takes on "Possessed" Furries Boston, MA - On Monday, sports columnist and commentator, Michael Felger, wrote a column titled, "NFL Dogged by Pit Bull Problem." He begins his piece by saying that pit bull owners fall into two categories: "Creeps. Or Imbeciles." He then talks about the recent attack involving James Harrison's pit bull that sent Harrison's young son to the hospital for a week. Felger rightly calls Lisa Ripi an "imbecile" for telling reporters after the attack… [Read full blog post]