Tucson Activists Announce Date for Walk Event to Raise Awareness for Victims of Serious Dog Attacks

October 2012 Tucson, AZ - On Saturday October 27, two grassroots activists from Tucson will host a first ever event of its kind in the country: A walk to raise awareness of victims of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs. Activists Melissa Baze and Matthew Pimple created the event to honor these local victims, who like in many U.S. cities are part of an ever-rotating new dog attack headline on the evening news. The pioneering event will be held at a Lincoln Park. Admission is free. T… [Read full blog post]

How to Pass a Local Pit Bull Ordinance

Where Does One Start? DogsBite.org – Over the past several years, many persons have written to us and asked, "How do I pass a pit bull ordinance in my town?" As one might expect, there is no simple answer to this question and perhaps a better question is, "How do I pass any ordinance in my town?" This website collects dog bite data, dog bite trends and laws designed to regulate dangerous dogs. The grassroots effort required to pass a local ordinance is a separate sphere. While resea… [Read full blog post]