Free Jazz Event Hopes to Raise Funds to Help Pit Bull Attack Victim

DaMonica Paul hugs her uncle Johnie Robinson (11/28/09). Elkhart, IN - Back in August, we wrote about 4-year old DaMonica Paul, whose nose was bitten off by a neighbor's pit bull. Recent photos of the little girl show the effects of the disfiguring attack. As DaMonica prepares for multiple surgeries to reconstruct her missing nose, community support has picked up. Organizers of Cornbread-n-Jazz, a grassroots community arts outreach group in Elkhart, say a wave of momentu… [Read full blog post]

DaMonica Paul, Elkhart Pit Bull Attack Victim, Needs Your Help

Years of Recovery Elkhart, IN - In late July, we published a story about the City of Elkhart discussing a pit bull law. That discussion followed a series of pit bull attacks. Two of these victims included Scott Sands, who nearly lost an arm by his own pit bull, and 4-year old DaMonica Paul, whose entire nose was bitten off after a neighbor's pit bull latched onto her face. DaMonica's mother, Melissa Paul, recently said that her daughter will never breath out of her nose again. The d… [Read full blog post]

Elkhart, Indiana Discusses Pit Bull Law After Series of Attacks

BSL Debate Begins Elkhart, IN - On July 16, a 4-year old girl's nose was bitten off by a pit bull in the City of Elkhart. Police say DaMonica Paul was in a neighbor's yard with the neighbor's dog when it attacked. Damonica recently went through an extensive surgery to re-attach the nose at Riley Hospital for Children. According to Pastor Kevin Adams, "Doctors said this is the first time they've ever had a case this serious." After the surgery, doctors say her condition may worsen b… [Read full blog post]