Zupf: 'Poster Boy' Pit Bull Owner, David Holland, Jr., 'Beyond Vacuous'

Repeat Offender Norwich, CT - YouTube artist Zupf captured pit bull owner David Holland, Jr., on video, who represents exactly why policymakers must regulate pit bulls. His list of offenses include: owning a pair of pit bulls that attacked a Meals-on-Wheels Driver, owning two offspring that severely mauled postal carrier Jeff Glen, 28 visits from police officers to his home, zero remorse for these attacks and being "judgment proof," the inability to be sued for medical re… [Read full blog post]

Mailman Suffers Severed Artery, Fractured Arm in Pit Bull Attack

From left: Pit bull, David Holland, Glen's mail truck, Tage Wright. David Holland Video UPDATE 05/03/09: In a video that offers a stark portrayal of a common pit bull owner, who cares nothing for the actual and collateral damage caused by his dogs, we bring you 19-year old David Holland. He starts by blaming the attack on his neighbors. According to reporters, the neighbors "should have told him" his dogs were loose. Holland then laughs as he looks across the street at the yard t… [Read full blog post]