Nebraska City Passes Pit Bull Ban; Requires Half a Million Dollars in Liability Insurance

$500,000 Insurance Coverage Rushville, NE - The City of Rushville recently voted to ban new pit bulls. Citing a "rash of attacks" City Council members voted unanimously to prohibit new pit bulls in the city. The ban goes into effect in January. Existing pit bull owners must gain liability insurance coverage of $500,000 (Kudos to City Council members and City Attorney Jamian Simmons!), keep the animal securely confined, except when leashed and muzzled, and display a "Bewar… [Read full blog post]

Omaha's Dog Ordinance Stats Released; Part Breed-Specific

Insurance Evaders CitedOmaha, NE - After a series of pit bull attacks in 2008, Omaha passed a tough dog ordinance, which has several breed-specific rules targeting pit bulls. The new ordinance requires pit bull owners to muzzle their dog when off-property and to purchase liability insurance. The ordinance has been in effect since October 15, 2008. has extensive coverage of the pit bull attack upon 15-month old Charlotte Blevins, which led to the creation of t… [Read full blog post]

Omaha Mayor to Honor Stefan Ray for Rescuing Child from Pit Bull Attack

Stefan Ray Day UPDATE 02/09/09: Mayor Mike Fahey declared Monday Stefan Ray Day, in tribute to the man who helped save a 15-month-old girl from a pit bull attack last summer. The attack left Charlotte Blevins with severe injuries and provided the major impetus for passing Omaha's strict dangerous dog ordinance. applauds Mayor Fahey for recognizing Stefan Ray's lifesaving actions. The award ceremony fell on day in which Omaha was reeling from another violent… [Read full blog post]

Comment: Pit Bull Owners Consistently Blame Victims

Wendy and Charlotte Blevins at Creighton Medical Center after the attack. - A comment was recently left at about Tina Agerson's pit bull that suddenly attacked Charlotte Blevins and ripped off her scalp. The commenter, who is presumably a pit bull advocate, blames Charlotte's mother. The cruel accusation voiced by the commenter is universal amongst comments that we do not publish at So that readers can understand this spiteful m… [Read full blog post]