Editorial: It's Time to Get Serious About Bull-Type Dogs by WALB News

News Team RespondsAlbany, GA - Last August, after 5-year old Larry Pullen was seriously injured by a neighbor's pit bull, WALB television wrote an editorial about the need to regulate pit bulls. Since the fatal attack of Cheyenne Peppers -- which has devastated this community again -- WALB has written another editorial. Currently, Thomas County Sheriff Carlton Powell is hoping to create a pit bull ordinance. DogsBite.org hopes that Thomas County Commissioners listen to… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Cheyenne Peppers, 5-Years Old, Killed by 3 Family Pit Bulls

David Peppers, Cheyenne's father, talks about the unbearable loss of this daughter. Father Wants New Laws UPDATE 01/15/09: David Peppers, Cheyenne's father, told WALB that he does not want anyone else to go through what he's gone through. He hopes to prevent the immense pain he has suffered since his daughter's death. He says big changes need to come to Thomas County. He wants laws in place for people who own dangerous dogs like pit bulls and consequences for owners of dogs tha… [Read full blog post]