Dog Bite Victims' Attorney Responds to 'Blame the Victim' Comment After Horrific Mauling

A candlelight vigil held for Jennifer on her 22nd Birthday. The Death of Jennifer Lowe - From time-to-time we publish a "blame the victim" comment to show our readers how shameful they are. On March 10, 2010, an anonymous commenter left the following message about the fatal pit bull mauling of Jennifer Lowe. During this lengthily and horrific attack, Jennifer fought back both pit bulls as they tore away her face, neck, shoulder and arms. She died shortly after re… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Deflates All Four Tires of Cumberland County Deputy's Cruiser

Neighbor's Pit Bull UPDATE 09/01/09: In a story that has been picked up by nearly 250 news outlets across the U.S., it appears that initial reports about Gloria Bass being the owner of the pit bull were in error. It is now being reported that the dog’s owner is "Bass' next-door neighbor." The unnamed neighbor and pit bull owner will be billed $500 for the new set of tires required for Deputy Lynn Lavallis' cruiser. It is unknown if the pit bull owner will also be fined for having a "do… [Read full blog post]

Caine -- Producer of Pit Bull that Killed Jennifer Lowe -- Attacks Woman

Owner's Dogs Euthanized UPDATE 03/13/09: The two dogs that attacked Carletta Bailey are now dead in addition to two others, which had been chained up on the owner's property. Neither Cain nor the others will be able to birth or sire puppies that can lead to another serious attack or death. Prior to the attack, both dogs had been locked in the owner's trailer. The dogs broke out of the trailer and attacked Bailey. Fortunately, a neighbor heard the attack and shot both dogs. When Ca… [Read full blog post]

Part III: Doretta Zinke, 39, Killed by 9 Pit Bulls (1945)

From left: Joe Munn, Charles Smallwood, Doretta Zinke, Jennifer Lowe. Dade County, FL - On May 16, 1945, Doretta Zinke was savagely killed by a pack of pit bulls in the state of Florida. Headlines of the grisly attack covered newspapers across the county. Authorities seized and killed Joe Munn's 27 dogs. Deputy Sheriff Mark Richardson testified that Munn admitted he had been raising fighting dogs and that he knew the dogs were vicious. Munn was convicted of manslaughter and s… [Read full blog post]