Radio Show Interviews Assistant City Attorney About Council Bluffs' Pit Bull Ban

Listen to Interview Indianapolis, IN - On March 5, radio talk show host Greg Browning interviewed Assistant City Attorney Don Bauermeister about the Council Bluffs, Iowa pit bull ban. The interview followed two pit bull attacks that occurred on March 4 in Indianapolis. One of the incidents involved victim James Bates, who was attacked by a pit bull that had been recently adopted from the Human Society of Indianapolis. The other incident involved police officer Jeffrey Vie… [Read full blog post]

Owner of the AADR, Andrea Press, Allegedly Uses Pit Bulls to Attack Partner

Murph McAdams "hard at work," his dogfighting tattoo and using a break stick on CH Rival. Alleged Partner1 UPDATE 04/02/10: Sources reveal that Andrea Press' domestic partner is Maurice "Murph" McAdams of Celtic Kennels,2 who mainly goes by Murph McAdams or Mr. AADR. As seen on the AADR MySpace page, McAdams is shown lounging next to a computer, which might be the very computer that hosts the infamous AADR registry. McAdams is highly tattooed, but the one hidden beneath his s… [Read full blog post]

Zupf Tackles the "Pit Bull Locking Jaw" Bite Style

YouTube artist Zupf created a video about the "pit bull locking jaw" controversy that advocates frequently refute. Due to artificial selection for the purposes of dogfighting, pit bulls developed a killing bite. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls "hold and shake" their victims. Unless a break stick is used to pry open a pit bull’s jaws, shooting the dog may be the only way to get the animal to release. Though the pit bull’s jaws may not "structurally" lock, they do not release n… [Read full blog post]

Break Sticks: A Tool Used to Pry Open a Pit Bull's Jaws - A break stick is a tool used to pry open a pit bull's jaws after the dog clamps down on an object, animal or human being. The device was traditionally used by dogfighters, and still is, yet leading pit bull education websites, such as Pit Bull Rescue Central, recommend that pit bull owners carry a break stick in case their dog "accidentally" gets into a fight. A pet that requires a break stick to loosen its jaws. This logic, combined with the fact that many policy make… [Read full blog post]