Pit Bull Continues Attacking After Being 'Run Over' by Police Cruiser

Two Pit Bulls ShotGlendale, AZ - It was reported Monday that Glendale police shot and killed two pit bulls after the dogs tried to attack a boy and the officers. In addition to pit bulls being able to withstand multiple shots from a police handgun or shotgun; heavily beaten by baseball bats; repeatedly stabbed with a two-prong barbecue fork or thrown off a six-story roof; pit bulls are so pain intolerant1 that even being run over by a 4,020 pound police vehicle will not stop a pit b… [Read full blog post]

Putnam County Pit Bull Ordinance Passes; Standing Ovation from Citizens

Community "Win" Bancroft, WV - Earnest D. Hunter, who carries an old fishing rod to defend himself against dogs in the Putnam County community, was among about 20 Bancroft residents at a County Commission meeting Tuesday to support an ordinance that prohibits pit bulls, mixed-breed pit bulls and any other dogs deemed vicious from running loose. County Commissioners passed the ordinance 2-1 and received a standing ovation from the Bancroft residents. Congratulations Ba… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Dog Aggression: Pit Bull Charges Through Screen Door to Attack

Home Invasion Attack Lehigh Acres, Fl - In another example of deadly pit bull dog-aggression, a neighbor's pit bull charged through a family's front screen door and mauled their small dog to death. At the time of the incident Patricia Denis was decorating her home for the holidays. Her son David intervened to stop the attack and the pit bull "bit through his finger." As demonstrated by this pit bull, the breed was genetically engineered to attack and kill dogs for the purposes o… [Read full blog post]

Historic Recall: 50 Million Blinds Recalled Following Child Deaths

Product Liability Bethesda, MD - Last November, 1.6 million baby cribs were recalled following the death of two children. It was announced Wednesday that the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the window blind industry are recalling 50 million Roman blind and roller shades after the deaths of five children and the near strangulation of 16. The volume of fatal and horrific pit bull maulings upon children far outweigh these numbers, yet there is no publicly funded agenc… [Read full blog post]