Website Launch: Pit Bull Attacks - The Survivors | - Last week we launched a new website that over time will share stories of pit bull attack victims who not only survived, but became leaders. The story of Dominic Solesky and his family is part one in a series of five. We encourage readers to view the father's account of the April 28, 2007 mauling. The Solesky family continues to seek civil damages in court. Recently, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland weighed in favorably on their case. Th… [Read full blog post]

Animal Behaviorist Responds to Statements Following Trinidad Fatal Pit Bull Attack

Denise's son shown hugging her casket during funeral services. Natural Predators? archived Chaguanas, Trinidad - In the aftermath of the death of 46-year old Denise Rackal, who was murdered by a pack of pit bulls belonging to a Chaguanas police officer in early May, justice for the victim's family has stalled. A Trinidad "ethics sell-out," veterinarian Dr. Mahfouz, also infected a local newspaper reporting on the incident. Journalist Kevin Baldeosingh regurgitated th… [Read full blog post]

2009 Pit Bull Attack Victims and Their Stories - - We have collected a group of 2009 pit bull attack victim stories1 that we have been unable to create a dedicated blog post about. Of the U.S. media reported victims who suffered injury by a pit bull not included in this post, many are recorded in the U.S. Pit Bull Attacks 2009 report, which will be published in 2010. We regret that we do not have the resources to document the massive volume of beloved pets who suffered a violent death by a pit bull. Victims of Pit Bull At… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Attack Trigger: Slipping on Ice While Walking a Pet Pit Bull

From left: Victim Joyce Mitchell and her pet pit bull (with blood on its muzzle). Owner Attacked Cincinnati, OH - It was reported Monday that a pit bull in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Pleasant Ridge viciously attacked its owner. Police say Joyce Mitchell was walking her pet pit bull when she slipped on ice, thus triggering a violent attack. Neighbors rushed out of their homes with hammers and shovels to beat the dog off Mitchell. The woman tried to secure her dog to a phone pol… [Read full blog post]