Hero Stories: Honoring Those Who Risked Their Lives to Stop a Pit Bull Mauling

DogsBite.org - Today we release Hero Stories, a collection of stories honoring those who have placed their life at risk to save an innocent person or pet under attack by a dangerous pit bull. Those honored include: children, teenagers, mothers, fathers, everyday citizens, city employees and in one instance, a donkey, named Dotty. All told, there are 78 stories in the collection and 99 heroes. The stories unfold across 30 U.S. states and eight countries including: Australi… [Read full blog post]

Recognized as Heroes by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission - Hero Stories

Risked Their Lives to Stop a Violent Pit Bull MaulingThis post was originally published on November 22, 2011. Since that time, we have added new Carnegie Medal awardees who risked their lives to stop a violent pit bull attack.2018: James Williams, 47-years old (Green Bay, Wisconsin) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal for saving the life of Jaikeem Hillard. On June 20, 2016, an adult pit bull dog dragged Jaikeem, 17 months, from his stroller, bit onto his head, and did not let go.… [Read full blog post]

Recognized as Heroes by Organizations and Municipalities - Hero Stories

Risked Their Lives to Stop a Pit Bull Mauling2011: Winfred Davenport, Sammie Huggins and LaJayron Negrin (Deerfield Beach, Florida) - Recognized for their heroic acts by the City of Deerfield after rescuing Tayla Johnson from a family pit bull attack. Davenport and Huggins "wailed on the dog" with baseball bats until LaJayron arrived with a Ruger and shot the dog to death. Other persons honored were: Lamar McThay, Kevin Johnson, Kurtis Santiago and Myra Velez. 2011: Larry… [Read full blog post]

Recognized as Heroes by the DogsBite.org Community - Hero Stories

Risked Their Lives to Stop a Pit Bull Mauling2011: Matt Fenner, City Police Officer (Glendora, California) - Recognized as a City Hero by DogsBite.org after saving retired fire chief Milford Fonza from the jaws of two pit bulls. Fonza was on an early morning walk when he was confronted by the dogs. Fonza tried to climb a wall to escape, but the dogs pulled him back to the ground. Spotting the attack, Fenner rammed one pit bull with his cruiser and shot the other one dead. (Related p… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Houston Woman Dies from Injuries After Pit Bull Mauling

Edna Dyson and her two daughters, Regina and Lawanda Edna Dyson Houston, TX - A Houston woman severely mauled by two pit bulls last week died from her injuries Tuesday. Click2houston.com reports that 71-year old Edna Dyson died November 15 after police say two pit bulls attacked her last week. She was in ICU for nearly a week. Specifically, "Investigators say two pit bulls dug a hole under a fence and got out. They mauled Mrs. Edna. She crawled to her car and waited for help. Lawan… [Read full blog post]

Tucson TV Station Airs Segment About Pit Bulls: Are They Really Dangerous?

30-Year Old Debate Tucson, AZ - Last Wednesday, KGUN9 aired a segment titled, "What's the Truth About Pit Bulls?" The segment comes in the wake of the grisly mauling of Michael Cook, a Tucson man who was attacked by his pet pit bull in August and subsequently died. Before his death, doctors were forced to amputate both of his arms and infuse the victim with over 100 pints of blood. Cook's niece, Angela de Soto, states in the segment, "Every day I would tell myself, a dog did this?"1 T… [Read full blog post]