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6 thoughts on “What Pit Bulls Should Fear the Most: Their Owners

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  1. The pit bull lobby (especially the breeders) actually support all kinds of dog abuse.

    They are hypocritical beyond words.

    Screaming against bsl, but supporting throwing dogs on chains 24/7 to suffer and die outdoors. (Funny isn't it that that is how many dog fighters keep their dogs)

    The breeders oppose bsl because they not only don't care about the public, they don't care about the dogs, just the money the dogs bring in. And they don't want any regulation to affect their incomes from these dogs.

    (Incomes that they don't pay taxes on, by the way)

  2. The whole concept of being a "Dog Lover" yet seeking out a breed selected for killing other dogs is whacked!!

  3. No animal should have to suffer such abuse. The pit lobby actively fosters this culture of violence against these dogs, funded by the fighters themselves. "Dog lover" and "pit owner" are mutually exclusive terms. No one who loves dogs would ever own a dog bred to kill them, and pit owners are some of the most abusive dog owners on earth.

  4. Many of these "pit bull rescues" and advocacy groups that spend most of their time fighting against breed specific legislation actually make excuses for people owning dog fighting paraphernalia and dogs having obvious fighting scars.

    I about died when I read on the Bad Rap site all kinds of excuses for why people would have fighting paraphernalia (and that it should be ok to have it) and why dogs with fighting scars supposedly didn't get these scars from fighting.

    They are actually enabling the people who persecute pit bulls!

    That was one of my first eye-openers into the hypocrisy of the pit bull "rescue" and advocacy world.

    A pit bull's worst enemy is an "advocate!"

  5. Believe me, as soon as I hear the words "Breed Ambassador", I turn around and walk the other way. All that means is an owner who wants to force his dog on as many people as possible in the name of "educating" them and behave in irresponsible ways, like letting them off leash around horses, a la the San Francisco case of the police horse. Breed ambassadors need to learn they don't have diplomatic immunity, and they are not doing their dogs any favors by putting them in situations where they are likely to attack.

  6. See how they think of these animals as being merely accessories?
    No thought at all that it's a living thing.

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