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10 thoughts on “2007 Investigation Reveals an Explosion of Pit Bulls in Las Vegas

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  1. Not only the amateurs are making a fortune on the black market selling pit bull puppies. The dogfighters make huge money selling these dogs out in the open.

    Convicted dogfighter Tom Garner runsa game-dog puppy mill…take a look;

    He is openly advertising the bloodlines of his famous fighting dogs…notably Chinaman and Frisco. What do you think he is referring to when he says that Frisco “throws fire no matter what bitch he is bred to”? With a worthless little disclaimer that “no dogs will be sold for illegal purposes” (wink, wink), he will take your credit card number and ship a puppy anywhere in the world. Click on his puppy link and you will notice that he currently has 12 litters on the ground…his kennel usually has anywhere from 12-15 litters available all the time. Since pit bulls usually produce large litters, we can conservatively estimate 96 puppies, at $900-$1000 each. We are talking huge money here, just breeding these dogs. And Chinaman was a manbiter, so we can stop pretending that the dogmen culled manbiters….the dogmen were and are degenerate gamblers, who were only in it for the money.

    Since any family who wants a pit bull as a “family pet” can find one for next to nothing at the local shelter or rescue group, any size, sex, color, age, many fully vetted, housebroken, and some even obedience trained; or they can go onto Craigslist and get one for free…what market do you think drives this business? Do you think these gamebred dogs make good family pets, if they have been selectively bred for EXTREMELY high levels of dog aggression?

    The pit bull rescue groups who fight against BSL help keep the dog men in business…the are the dogfighters best friend.

  2. Absolutely right!

    The thing that bugs me is that the media seems completely unaware that the NON black market pit bull industry is raking in the big, tax-free money often in plain sight!

    They call themselves “show dog breeders” or “pulling dog breeders” or claim they breed for the “love of the breed” but they are GAME DOG BREEDERS pure and simple.

    Some are men. Some are women.

    Just like the puppy mill industry.

    (Vick did that for years when the questions about dog fighting came up. He just mouthed empty words about being a “show dog breeder” and laughed at the rest of us as he bred, sold, and fought dogs and raked in the tax-free cash)

    And thanks to few if any breeder licensing laws they make big bucks, easily hide the income, and don’t pay a cent on taxes

    Where are all these idiotic legislators who are always so concerned about taxes and the rest?

    The dog breeders are right under their noses robbing everyone blind

    But when there are attempts to get these breeders licensed and on the record, these same legislators too often oppose regulation on behalf of these game dog breeders and let these tax cheats keep cheating away

    Where is the IRS and state tax authorities? They go after some poor soul who is missing a receipt on his tax form, but these BIG MONEY dog breeders are raking in hundreds of thousands, more, and not reporting any of the income or paying a cent in taxes on it!

    And when Best Friends, ASPCA, and the rest who oppose regulation get together with some of the breeder lobbying groups and help to fight bsl and breeder licensing, they are indeed playing right into the hands of these animal abusers, and helping keep the fighting dog market humming along and getting richer.

    They are just tools of the dog fighters.

  3. Thanks to the anonymous poster above….the link is to the IRS website which gives information as to how to report suspected tax fraud. I would suggest that anyone being terrorized by a neighbor’s pit bulls; if you know your neighbor is breeding and selling the dogs, contact the IRS. The vast majority of people breeding these dogs are not claiming the income…the dogs are also associated with other illegal activity, such as drug dealing.

    Victims need to use whatever legal tools they can find to keep their families safe from dangerous dogs…..this is one more way of putting an end to the back yard breeder operations that are producing the most unstable, dangerous pit bulls.

  4. Another interesting note regarding Tom Garner’s kennel….his website claims he offers “volume discounts” on puppies!

    I guess thats in case you want to start your own “yard” of game dogs. I have never heard of any other legitimate breeders of any other breed of dog…producing dogs for pets, hunting, conformation, performance titles, herding, etc….who sold dogs by “volume”.

  5. Garner is sooooo bad that even the hard core pit nutters trash him! Guess only folks like Jere Alexander like him. Speaking of Garner…better hurry up and build those kennels. County just passed an anti-tethering ordinance. New ariel shot please!

  6. Job’s too dangerous for me!
    I’ll stick to my own job relying on my talent!
    I don’t want to have to be armed like a Spartan to go into my own backyard.

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