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7 thoughts on “Reading Woman Attacked by Fiancée's Two Aggressive Dogs

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  1. What’s the monthly food/vet bill for two 130lb dogs?! This guy probably should have used it to move to a better neighborhood!

    GSDs mixed with American “Pit” Bulldog = Frankenmauler…Maybe the guy should sue the breeder who sold them as being “good for home protection”!

  2. Who would cross a German shepherd and an American bulldog? First, who would do it, second, who would then buy the animal? I’ve got a brain FREEZE going on. What exactly does a German shepherd-American bulldog mix look like?

  3. 40 to 50 of these dogs have to be shot each month to rescue someone and still they don’t do anything to bring it to a stop.

  4. Why does animal control defend these dogs and try to make excuses. “upset by neighbors”

    ? What?

    They were attacking this woman inside her home.

    How could the neighbors have anything to do with it?

    What level will animal control stoop to to protect aggressive dogs?

    Even the owner gave the reason. They were aggressive dogs! But animal control is making up stories to cover for them.

  5. The german sheppard is a dog used to bite people that’s why the police like to use them. The American Bullshitdog is a fighting dog that kills dogs but it is suppose to be not agressive to people and much larger than a GS and has a more powerful bite. So when you cross them you get a dog for killing people.

    That’s my guess anyways.

  6. All that stuff about pit bulls being bred “not to be aggressive to people” is fairy tales from the pit bull promoters.

    Fighting pits have always been very aggressive to people. It’s just that in the fighting world they have short lives, live on chains or in cages, and get handled only for a fight or related activity, and often with muzzles and control devices.

  7. Nooooo!

    They have an internal “biological switch”. On days that they weren’t shredding bears in a pit, they served nobly as cormfort dogs at orphanages!

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