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2 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Attack Second Dog, Killing It in Miramar

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  1. In nearly every single attack on a human, the attacking dog has a history of mauling and killing other pets in an unprovoked fashion

    This is a common denominator in the dangerous dog scenario

    A dog that dangerously attacks another pet is not normal. It is DANGEROUS

    This high prey drive means they see small children in the same light- as prey!

    And when a dog attacks another pet, people are hurt trying to save and defend their animals.

    The husky woman is proof that people who own dangerous dogs feel they have the right to hurt other people and other pets. It is a diseased attitude toward society.

  2. I hope that she is suing the neighbor.

    And if she reported this to the town, and they did nothing, then the town needs to be sued.

    Lawsuits are the only thing these criminal pit bull owners understand.

    They enjoy other pets and people getting hurt and killed by their pit bulls.

    Lawsuits wipe that smirk off their faces and make them face the consequences of their actions.

    And antichaining laws need to get passed. They put these dogs on chains because they are too aggressive to allow indoors. When they go on chains, then they become everyone’s problem.

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