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13 thoughts on “Toddler Attacked by Pit Bull Outside Maryland Day Care Center

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  1. This story is confounding. What kind of damn genius keeps a pit bull at their day care center? It’s child abuse! Pit bulls shred and murder more kids than all other breeds combined. There’s no end run around this fact. Charge them. Kill that ugly piece of crap pit bull and throw this sorry excuse for a human in jail. The fact that this crap happens over and over again is lunacy!

  2. Still recovering from the tragedy of Isis, I had to watch the video 5 times to make sure I got it straight. YES, the day care center housed the known dangerous pit bull, YES the police are not making criminal charges…YES, this is lunacy beyond measure.

  3. Obviously, Maryland is a “First Scalping Free” state, despite the breed being banned in Prince George County.

  4. This is child abuse, pure and simple; and the police will not do anything! If I were the parents of the child, I would retain a good lawyer, and sue the dog owner, then sue the state for referring children to this home KNOWING she had a pit bull! The childs parents would definitely win, the home had a Beware of Dog sign, so they knew the dog was agressive.

    Of course, the owner of the day care immediately claims the dog is her sons, like they all do. This woman should be behind bars, pure and simple. At a minimum, she should lose her license to operate daycare center!

  5. 18 months old and he can open the back door and walk outside?

    Yesterday we all saw the video of a pit climbing over a fence just like that……

  6. Here is yet another example of yet another neighborhood being terrorized by pit bulls…

    The pit bull owner is “tired of being targeted”, and will move the dogs to “his daughters house”…with no apologies for his dogs getting loose and attacking another dog, and previously, biting a person. So the danger will be relocated to another neighborhood, and perhaps a child will die. This is a great country we live in, huh?

  7. The police aren’t charging this idiot most likely because the prosecutor will. These sorts of crimes seem to follow a different path.

    And while we’re at it pointing the stupidity, what genius hires an in home daycare provider with a pit bull chained in the back yard?!?!?!?!?

  8. To answer the question above, the parent of the child said she knew the daycare operator had a small dog, but claimed she knew nothing about the pit bull.

  9. Who said the pit bull was chained? No one said the pit bull was chained. The dog was “restrained in a fenced yard.” OOPS! Can’t blame it on the chain.

  10. You know, when cities and towns are debating BSL, there is one group of “experts” no one has interviewed…the ER doctors. I have read several quotes from doctors and surgeons over the years who state that pit bulls are responsible for the majority of serious dog bite injuries they see.

    Wonder why no one asks the opinion of police officers and ER doctors when contemplating pit bull regulations? We seem to listen to every crack-pot “rescue” group spokesperson and self-proclaimed dog trainer, but the people who REALLY have to deal with the consequences of keeping these dogs in society… by rushing to the scene of the attack or stitching up the victims…their opinion goes unsolicited.

  11. Totally agree…The pit issue is a public safety/health and law enforcement issue not a humane issue.

    The ironic thing is the pit community has created a massive humane issue with pit bulls clogging the shelter system and being euthanized by the truckload.

  12. “Due to horrific nature of these bites, surgeons have had to develop new techniques to try to mend them.”

    I wonder how many test animals died in order to develop these new techniques. I hope a lot of them were pitbulls. At least that way they serve some purpose other than being a menace to society.

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