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3 thoughts on “06/27-02/08 Pit Bulls Shot By Police

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  1. Just wanted to post a shout out to our first responders…police, fire, and EMTs….and say thank you for putting yourselves in harms way every day while serving the public. Many of us on this board appreciate what you do, and support laws that would protect you from the criminals who use these dogs as weapons against you. In my town, the police officer that works with AC has been a strong supporter of dog attack victims and an advocate for dangerous dog laws.

    I see supporting restrictions on pit bulls in the same light as I would support funding for bullet proof vests, tasers, etc. for first responders; the public has an obligation to help protect the people who protect us.

    Thank you also to the EMTs, police, and firefighters who have contributed your insights to this discussion…..I always appreciate hearing from the folks who have to deal with the reality of what these animals can do. Your opinion matters here. You won’t be shouted down by the dog fighters and criminals who make money breeding these dogs, which happens in every other public forum.

    Please know that you have the support of the people who are advocating for restrictions on these dogs.

  2. On pace for 344 Pit bulls being trained how to “play dead” during 2008.

    Gotta wonder what the cost is for the police response as well as the subsequent investigation?

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