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7 thoughts on “Nuns Seek Law to Keep Pit Bulls Away from School

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  1. Interesting comment from a nearby neighbor:

    I live next to the school and kennel here in OKC. I’m Baptist. I owned a Rottweiler here for almost 15 years (he was neutered–(kennel breeding dogs are not.) This kennel has been operating for over 3 years WITHOUT a kennel license. The dogs have escaped 4 times … one instance the neighbor considered an attack. (This is public record submitted to OKC.)
    —We were told by the SPCA that this kennel has 2 AKC registered dogs. One competes in weight pulling competitions…he can pull 712 pounds….some show dog!—No amount of insurance will cover the tragedy of a dog attack…how ddoes insurance enter into this legislative question? (By the way-I don’t believe this kennel is insured…it is not licensed.) —- SB1754 is NOT about the breed of dogs. —SB1754 is NOT about this one kennel. –SB1754 is meant to keep 25+ dogs away from schools and children. I have first hand experience with the SMELL…FLIES…MOSQUITOES…OTHER INSECTS…NOISE…caused by this large number of dogs. ANY BREED of dogs!!! — SB1754 will eliminate the health concerns of disease transmitted by flies from the dog kennels. It will not preclude any legitimate kennel operator from doing business in a safe and secure location. Sounds like a WIN-WIN situation to me!

  2. I live in Wabash, IN. Next door to our Catholic School there are four pit bulls, two adults and two that are about six to seven months old. This is right next to the parking lot and play ground. One of the neighbors has had the dogs in his yard several times. Very bad and very dangerous.

  3. I can see it now…pit bulls maul small children and nuns, after the sisters begged authorities to protect them from the low-life pit bull breeder, who is at best running a puppy mill, at worst breeding dogs for dogfighting.

    Now that would be political suicide, IMO. That would possibly make national headlines…..lowlife pit bull breeder, and callous politicians deliberately put children and nuns in danger…..if a child is mauled, I think a good lawyer could argue that the city was liable.

  4. Find out the name of the “kennel”, and, if possible, the names of the “registered” dogs. AADR is well known as a registery for dog fighters. If you google some of the dogs registered names, and the kennel name, you will often find they appear on dogfighting websites. This information could be helpful to neighbors trying to argue that this man is breeding dogs for illegal purposes, even if there is no evidence that he himself is fighting the dogs, he may be breeding fighting bloodlines.

  5. Just as an update – now the dog owner in Oklahoma is suing the city and the state for putting in place an ‘unconstitutional’ law – one that protects children in public and private schools and daycares from having dog kennels 2500 feet from schools. This stops enforcement which continues to allow an eminent danger to those children.

  6. The story goes on… after hearings in the county which the school is located, the judge there ruled in favor of the children -issued a temporary and a permanent injunction – but the Oklahoma County judge has refused to even consider the implications of 25 pit bulls next to a school – says the new law is unconstitutional – and seeks to influence the city council to not appeal her decision. Rationale – too crazy to imagine.

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