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5 thoughts on “Donkey Dies Following Bull Terrier Attack in Ballyclare

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  1. With all the great breeds and beautiful mix pups waiting for a home, I’m at a complete loss to understand why anyone would want this type of dog. The thought of one of these ugly beasts tearing into a pet donkey, or any other pet or child, is both nauseating and infuriating. The owners of these dogs deserve no respect, no comfort, and no common courtesy. A pox on their houses and no fair dealings for them and their ugly lot!

  2. I agree with the above poster….the obsession with these dogs defies logic. Hundreds of thousands of sweet-tempered dogs are destroyed each year, for want of a good home. Yet people continue to want a breed of dog designed to kill other animals!

    I have always said, there are animal lovers, then there are pit bull lovers; never confuse the two!

  3. What’s worse is they are no longer content to just want pit bulls. Now there is a massive push to rehab and adopt out former fighting pit bulls. How can this be considered safe? And further, how many resources are used for this rehab purpose and how many other non-fighting dogs and cats could have benefitted from that extra money and time in shelters?

  4. Yes…..the same people who want to put millions of dollars into “rehabbing” pit bulls, refuse to support mandatory spay and neuter for pit bulls….. they would rather let the dogfighters and BYBers breed and abandon hundreds of thousands of dogs, who will be euthanized in shelters or die in the street.

    I really believe these crazy pit bull rescue angels would rather the wholesale carnage continue; if breeding pit bulls were controled, and the dogs became rare, these people would lose their purpose in life. They would cease to feel important…..they feed off the drama of having to “defend” these dogs.

    I have never met any sane dog lover who would oppose mandatory s/n of any breed/type of dog that was so overbred and abused it was estimated that only 1 in 600 survive past puppyhood. No mentally stable animal lover would oppose that. The pro-pit community truly are the lunatic fringe.

  5. Agree..but identifying and SOLVING THE PROBLEM would hurt pit bull owners delicate self esteem!

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