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4 thoughts on “03/13-19/08: Pit bulls Shot by Police

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  1. There is maybe another 15 that the police have shot that servived the shots. Almost everyday the police shoot a pit bull. That’s a lot of bullets flying, it’s a wonder someone hasn’t been injured by the flying lead.

  2. Good job keeping track David.

    I think the main point is tracking how many times law enforcement has to discharge weapons to stop “NannyBreed” beserking episodes. Each incident costs cities thousands of dollars, between the time of the officers involved and the subsequent “In the Line of Duty” investigation required when a weapon is fired. It’s part of the collective damage the Dogmen Wannabes inflict on the public.

    If 64 Cougars had to be shot in the streets so far in 2008, the public would be demanding their numbers be thinned. Somehow the presumption of domestication afforded Pit Bulls, causes the public to overlook this important law enforcement and public safety issue.

    According to my math, Pit Bulls are on pace to cause 280 plus law enforcement weapon discharge incidents. That doesn’t include the tasering incidents either!


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