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4 thoughts on “John Lesch's bill ushers a much needed debate on dangerous dogs

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  1. There’s millions of dogs from other breeds owned by less than perfect, casual owners…They are not causing the massive collateral damage that the “Nanny Dogs” are.

  2. You got that right! I really like the attitude of the writer of this article. “Dog owners — some of them unable to see beyond the snouts of their dangerous pets — are organized enough to derail the bill.”

    How often do you hear that? The In-Forum editorial team nailed it! I love this too: “Dog owners can howl all they want about such characterizations.”

    I love these guys!

  3. I know there are more people that want something done everyday. The numbers just keep growing. With more citys banning the pits, more will have to. It will be a snowball effect. When they ban them in the next county, you’ll have to ban them in your’s, so they don’t just move in on you.
    I have a big map with colored pins to chart the progress. When you see it on the map it looks very encouraging.

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