Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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Blogger dawn james  |  1/03/2012 11:22 PM  |  Flag  
here's the putrid owner

Blogger dawn james  |  1/03/2012 11:28 PM  |  Flag  
what kind of human garbage keeps alive the dog that puts his own parent in a hospital where she dies 4 days later?

what kind of a state (besides missouri) dares to leave the dog in the custody of said human garbage? they have PROVEN themselves irresponsible and unworthy of second chances.

Blogger vintage  |  1/04/2012 1:45 AM  |  Flag  
Happy Maulidays from the National Pit Breeders Association!

5 DBRFs in December!

We need a law that requires Pit Advocates to wear black during Pit Pride Marches.

Blogger vintage  |  1/04/2012 2:00 AM  |  Flag  
Sigh...looks like it's time to build a Tennessee Pit DBRF map.
Here's the Body count:

December 2011, Bradley County TN
Mable MacCalister, 84
Fatal Dog Attack: Pit Bull

September 2010, McMinn County, TN
Mattie Daugherty, 85
Fatal dog attack: pit bull

July 2010, Shelby County, TN
William Parker, 71
Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

November 2007, Knox County, TN
Jennifer Lowe, 21
Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

May 2007, Shelby County, TN
James Chapple Jr., 59
Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

June 1990, Shelby County, TN
Betty Lou Stidham, 57
Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

Sept 1984,Knoxville County, TN Douglas Edward Waddell Jr.,<2
Fatal dog attack: pit bull

Blogger vintage  |  1/04/2012 4:52 PM  |  Flag  
They must have Pit nutters running animal control in the county...

According to Tennessee State law, the District Attorney can order impound and request a court order to euthanize this mankiller.

ยง 44-17-120. Death or serious injury; destruction of dogs

(a) Any dog that attacks a human and causes death or serious bodily injury may be destroyed upon the order of the judge of the circuit court of the county wherein the attack occurred. Such orders shall be granted on the petition of the district attorney general for the county. The petition shall name the owner of the dog, and the owner shall be given notice in accordance with Rule 4.01 of the Tennessee rules of civil procedure, that if the owner does not appear before the court within five (5) days of the receipt thereof and show cause why the dog should not be destroyed, then the order shall issue and the dog shall be destroyed.

(b) Notwithstanding subsection (a), in counties having a population in excess of eight hundred thousand (800,000), or having a metropolitan form of government and a population in excess of one hundred thousand (100,000), according to the 2000 federal census or any subsequent federal census, a municipality or county is authorized to adopt local ordinances authorizing the municipality or the county to appropriately petition in a general sessions court to provide for the disposition of dangerous dogs or dogs causing death or serious bodily injury to humans or other animals.

Blogger april 29  |  1/04/2012 10:56 PM  |  Flag  
I'm confused... I thought man biters were always culled.

Blogger vintage  |  1/05/2012 2:17 AM  |  Flag  

You are apparently confused. Pit Bulls are Nanny Dogs because they've killed over 180 American children.

Get with the program!

Blogger dawn james  |  1/05/2012 2:16 PM  |  Flag  
@ vintage, or the pit nutters are in the prosecutors office. and with more and more nutter infiltration in the american bar association, that seems plausible.

Blogger kittenz  |  2/26/2012 2:08 AM  |  Flag  
Here's another bizarre pit bull incident involving a senior citizen: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/15/2642455/son-shoots-mom-by-accident-amid.html

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