Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2009 4:48 AM  |  Flag  
I have a hard time believing Vick has learned anything from this at all, but time will tell. If you ask me, the only reason he wants to rehab his image is so he can get back into the NFL. If he accomplishes that, he'll drop the HSUS like a hot potato.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2009 5:30 AM  |  Flag  
"I'm a professional dog man," Lopez said, "that's how I pay my mortgage, my car payments and everything else."

There are pedophiles who pay their mortgages selling kiddie porn too.

The Animal Fighting Act of 2007 was passed 10 days after Vick was arrested. It allows the feds to sieze assets of convicted traffickers of fighting dogs like this idiot "Lopez".

Here's a great idea...How bout seized assets go into a fund to pay for medical treatment of Pit Bull victims like Shaylee Crosson, Amaya Hayes and Frankie Fiora?

Blogger P.  |  7/21/2009 8:11 AM  |  Flag  
Any person who is in the public limelight, a role model, who does something like Vick has done, needs to spend the rest of their lives paying for their crime, not just a few months. Joe Blow, down the street who fights dogs, isn't a role model, not as much damage done when he busted. But Vick is a different story, he influences people. He needs a job that fits his mentality, that of a ditch digger in Alaska during the winter.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2009 8:37 AM  |  Flag  
If you want to end dog fighting, ban the breeding of fighting dogs. As long as its legal to breed these dogs. dog fighting will continue.

These dogs were never meant to be pets, and until people start to admit the truth dog fighting will continue.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2009 12:12 PM  |  Flag  
"I'm a professional dog man," Lopez said, "that's how I pay my mortgage, my car payments and everything else."

BUT he doesn't pay taxes, and doesn't declare the income from the gambling, breeding, stud fees, animal sales, training, boarding, transport businesses, etc


Plus with that hidden income, I'm sure he's picking up some taxpayer funded benefits like health care, food stamps.

These people steal from us multiple ways!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2009 12:27 PM  |  Flag  
Southern, white, non urban ones dropping out of sight? Hell no!

They are getting jobs like Jere Alexander did running animal control in Fulton County Georgia.

Or they are claiming to run "pit bull rescues."

Or they are setting up dog shows and pulling contests as fronts.

Or they have become "No kill advocates" (hah!) trying to get their friends into animal control positions and using tax dollars to cover for the breeding and fighting, and spending our money handling their castoffs.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2009 1:19 PM  |  Flag  
Another front for dog fighters? Dog trainers and animal behaviorists!

Breeders have always sought to legitimize their criminal activity by slapping on some kind of fake front or "credentials" or pretending to be an expert. Or forming some kind of lobby group that hides their real interests.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2009 2:39 PM  |  Flag  
I agree, pit bull rescues, "kennels" and pit bull show dog breeders are all close knit with fighting. Shelter occupation, unfortunatly for my agency, we are around 60% occupied with pit bulls, they are a huge problem in my community

Blogger cravendesires  |  7/21/2009 11:38 PM  |  Flag  
an alaskan ditch digger? too manly, and the pay is too good.

how about making shoes in china along side women and children?

Anonymous Felony  |  7/22/2009 11:17 AM  |  Flag  
Better yet, painting toys in China with lead paint.
I hate this man. If he is able to have a negative impact on dog fighting, that's great but I doubt that it is anything more than an attempt to play football again.

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