Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/22/2008 7:15 PM  |  Flag  
"We don’t execute people who murder other people in this state, but we want to execute dogs for some dog bites?"

If I recall from my critical thinking class, this is what-cha-call a non-sequitur. You hear a lot of these from pit bull owners, and it cuts to the core of the problem – stupidity.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/22/2008 7:39 PM  |  Flag  
Don't you just love the way some pit bull owners think dogs are equivalent to human beings? This dog operates by instincts (genetic)and will continue to hurt human beings unless laid to rest.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/23/2008 4:05 AM  |  Flag  
This is another rationalization from "humans" that are dog lovers who fancy dogs selected for killing other dogs.

The euthanization of a mauler is not for punishment or revenge, it is for public safety purposes!

Gotta wonder if this "five biter" commands a high stud fee from the drug dealers looking for guard dogs?

Anonymous Jersey  |  10/23/2008 6:48 AM  |  Flag  
Some? Try most. Many pit bull owners deny their dogs are genetically dog aggressive. They like to say each dog is an individual. It's okay to judge a dog by its breed and rattle off traits the dog should have UNLESS that dog is a pit bull and the trait has anything to do with fighting, then its trained, not bred in. It's a huge double standard.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/16/2008 2:24 PM  |  Flag  
Yes, jersey, precisely. Genetics have nothing to do with a dog's behavior, its all how you raise and train them. Unless the dog is a Cocker Spaniel. They are all aggressive. Or a toy poodle. Many pit owners have been badly mauled by toy poodles.

Anonymous Trigger  |  12/16/2008 2:38 PM  |  Flag  
The spinning, distorted logic is highly laughable, just as you suggest anonymous!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/16/2008 3:13 PM  |  Flag  
If you click on the Boston Globe article, you will pit the pit bull advocates blaming the victim! How dare she reach out to pet the dog of a city selectman, standing right next to town hall!

Gee wizz, pit bull crazy people...maybe she believed what you told her! She may have read the Bad Rap site, or Pit Bull Rescue, or Pit Bull Chat, or one of the other hundreds of websites, where you convince people that pit bulls are HUMAN FRIENDLY! She knew the guy, he was a city selectman after all...she knew the dog was not abused, or being fought. All you need is love, right? WHY would ANYONE hesitate to pat one of your beloved "pibbles" or "pitties"? This was a well-cared for pet, he didn't have a muzzle, the owner never suggested she should not pet him. Pit bulls are magic, they are special, they are the most loving dogs on the freaking planet! WHY would ANYONE hesitate to pat one of these adorable wiggle-butts!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/16/2008 5:00 PM  |  Flag  
This woman is so lucky she was bit by a pit with an owner that actually has some money.

Anonymous Felony  |  12/16/2008 5:05 PM  |  Flag  
Louis Carpenito has fallen under Ninnygrad's spell. Louis should be serving on the NOKILLNATION advisory board!

Anonymous Felony  |  12/16/2008 5:12 PM  |  Flag  
Wow! Five Bites! Sounds like it is time for FABB to step in and get a court order to save the poor thing.

Blogger Russ  |  12/16/2008 5:19 PM  |  Flag  
I have been hearing this comparison a lot lately...humans to dogs...it is absolutely disgusting. I love my dogs, I really do, and I will do a lot to protect them...but if it came down to one of their lives for a life of an unknown human...it is a no brainer.

Anonymous SUKI  |  12/16/2008 7:05 PM  |  Flag  
All of that "pibbles" "wiggle butts" is nauseating.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/16/2008 10:18 PM  |  Flag  
They have to use cutesy names like "wiggle butt" to oversweeten the reps of these bastards.
Gives one insulin shock.

What's worse than them believing their own lies, but they assume that we believe them, too.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/17/2008 4:58 AM  |  Flag  
This man took pleasure in his dog hurting others in the community, and took pleasure in manipulating and controlling a local government that was weak and ineffectual, and allowed itself to be humiliated and pushed around by a thug and by the dog fighter and dog breeder looby.

Blogger David  |  11/07/2014 1:18 PM  |  Flag  
That dog never left that house and remains there to this day. What fools run that town!

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