Monday, July 21, 2008

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Anonymous David  |  7/21/2008 5:19 PM  |  Flag  
Pit bulls are not in the top ten, not even now.
Labradors are the #1 dog in America and all the breeds of pits combined still would not put them in the top ten.
I understand that Sgt. Stubbie is stuffed and at the Smithsonian, if he were truly a pit bull these idiots would have him out and in their pit bull parades.
If there were more of these pit bulls, just think how many more people would be killed each year. The numbers are going to go out of site over the next few years. You people think it's bad now, it will have to get a lot worse before our government will step in.
I know people that used to go for an evening walk, that are now afraid because of several neighbors with pit bulls.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2008 6:26 PM  |  Flag  
The ASPCA does not care about human life. They know the statistics for maulings by the pit bull. This is an organization other dog owners should avoid and quit donating to. Pit bulls overwhelmingly are the killers of most dogs and cats in this country by dog. Many of you have had your dog or cat mauled or killed. This is the premier nut ball group that "speaks for this dog." I guess it's fine with them that a dog bred for killing other dogs is their favorite.

Anonymous Jersey  |  7/21/2008 7:48 PM  |  Flag  
I have sent e-mails to the ASPCA asking why they would have a program to promote the adoption of pit bulls above other dogs and also have that shelter guideline of how to handle them and not get hurt. The person that wrote back never even saw the guideline, and even after the second e-mail could not give me a good reason to explain why they would promote such dogs to innocent families. She did spout many of the pit bull advocate talking points such as "bad rap" and "media hype" and said pit bulls are the same as other dogs, even though other dogs don't have shelter care manuals. So it shows you how far the ASPCA has bought into the pit bull lovers fairy tales and how uneducated they are about the current situation. Don't expect them to come to their senses any time soon, but e-mail them your displeasure and tell them they won't be getting any money from you.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/21/2008 8:35 PM  |  Flag  
In World WarI the Germans used the Dobermann Pinscher with their soldiers. Even our enemies didn't use pit bulls---by the way the Germans have thrown the Am. Pit Bull Terrier out of their country. I plan to buy this phone.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/22/2008 5:04 AM  |  Flag  
Growing up in the sixties I never saw a Pit Bull..Back then we covered miles everday!

The dog fighters have been very creative when it comes to spewing disinformation about their breed, every few decades changing breed names, sprouting new registries, etc...Almost like a career criminals creating aliases.

I wish they would put this much effort into breeding safer dogs!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  10/08/2008 9:11 AM  |  Flag  
And back in the 1800s and early 1900s, the few pit bulls there were were either in the dogfighting business, or tied up outside.

Back then, the only dogs that really lived indoors with the family were small lap dogs.

Most dogs lived outside then, and had little interaction with humans.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  7/18/2009 7:37 PM  |  Flag  
The ASPCA executives have
outrageous salaries. This is from the ASPCA's 2007 Form 990 filed with the IRS. Executive Compensation:

Edwin Sayres (President): $490,315
Stephen Zawistowski (Exec VP Programs: $242,354
Stephen Musso (Exec VP Ops): $252,018
Jonelle Sullivan (SVP Develop/Comms): $202,194
Stephen Eudene (SVP Finance): $201,456
Each are stated to work 40 hours per week.

I’m not making this up, this is where you can get it

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/27/2010 2:54 PM  |  Flag  
I support numerous dog rescue organizations, and have been personally involved in saving dogs during the past 15 years at my own expense - never accepting a donation even when offered.

I am very disappointed to learn of these outrageously greedy salaries. There are plenty of people who would be willing to run an organization that helps save animals without taking more than minimum salary.

I really admire the great work that the New York ASPCA does and the dedicated people who work there, but after learning of the executive salaries, I will be supporting other organizations instead.

Thank you,

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